Introducing Two New Tutorials

I am so excited to introduce our new tutorials! Both tutorials feature edits done without the use of actions or presets. Below you will find a little more info: 

Summer Heat {Full Edit}: 

This tutorial will cover my complete workflow, from start to finish, from Lightroom through Photoshop, without the use of actions or presets. You will learn how to add that beautiful golden hour effect, along with how to blur your background, the right way, how to create the beautiful lighting effects you see in this photo, and so much more. This tutorial can be found here: Summer Heat {Full Edit} 

The Background Blur {Full Tutorial}:

The Background Blur Tutorial covers two photos. It teaches you the best way to do the Background Blur, so you get the most realistic results. It covers one full body photo, and one where the background and subject are on one focal plain each. And if you are worried about those tricky selections....don't be. This tutorial shows you just how easy selections can be and how there is nothing to be afraid of! This tutorial can be found here: The Background Blur {Full Tutorial}

Pleases let me know if you have any question. You can email me at We would love to hear from you!